31 Oct 2015

Symposium "Biocatalysis in Industrial Biotechnology" in Mexico DF

Our research group has participated in the Symposium "Biocatalysis in Industrial Biotechnology" organized by the former BIOCATEM network. The Symposium was held in Mexico DF, and Francisco Plou pronounced a conference on "Enzymes in the preparation of functional ingredients: prebiotics and antioxidant derivatives". Several Mexican companies and researchers from different countries contributed to the meeting. Link to the videos of the conferences.

8 Oct 2015

Presence of ABG Group in LIGNOCEL Meeting

In the last meeting of the LIGNOCEL Network (Biotechnology of Lignocellulolosic Materials), which took place in Madrid (October 1-2 2015), our laboratory presented the work "Enzymatic transformation of xylan into xylooligosaccharides by the synergistic action of two endoxylanases". The meeting was very fruitful to establish new collaborations between research groups involved in the exploitation of lignocellulosic residues.