29 Apr 2016

Symposium on "Novel tendencies and challenges in the chemical processes of XXI century" organized by UNED

It is the third time that the Applied Biocatalysis Group participates in the Symposium“Novel Tendencies and Challenges in the Chemical Processes of XXI Century" (April 27-29 2016), auspiced by the UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia). Francisco Plou developed a talk entitled "Use of enzymes in sustainable chemical processes".

1 Apr 2016

"The Enzymes", divulgation book by Francisco Plou

Francisco Plou has just published the book "What we know about ...The Enzymes", a disclosure book jointly edited by CSIC and Catarata Publishers. The aim of this book is bringing the world of enzymes to readers, and show them the importance of these biological catalysts in our health and in many aspects of our daily life (food, drugs, fuels, polymers, etc.).