16 Sept 2013

Paper published in Food Chemistry

The formation of galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) in milk during the treatment with several commercial β-galactosidases (Bacillus circulans, Kluyveromyces lactis and Aspergillus oryzae) was analyzed. Using K. lactis beta-galactosidase, a treated milk with 7.0 g/L GOS −the human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) concentration is between 5 and 15 g/L−, and with a low content of residual lactose (2.1 g/L, compared with 44-46 g/L in the initial milk sample) was obtained.
Reference: B. Rodriguez-Colinas, L. Fernandez-Arrojo, A.O. Ballesteros, F.J. Plou. Galactooligosaccharides formation during enzymatic hydrolysis of lactose: towards a prebiotic enriched milk. Food Chemistry (2013). doi: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2013.08.060

11 Sept 2013

Participation of the group in the SEBBM-2013 Congress

Our group has participated in the XXXVI Congress of the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SEBBM). The work "Characterization of levansucrase from Zymomonas mobilis: levan and FOS production by soluble and immobilized enzyme" was presented in poster format by Paloma Santos. 

10 Sept 2013

Francisco Plou, Treasurer of the Spanish Society of Catalysis

During the celebration of the recent Congress of the Spanish Society of Catalysis held in Sevilla (June 26-28 2013), Francisco Plou was appointed Treasurer of this Society