17 Mar 2016

Joint XII Carbohydrate Symposium / III Chemical Biology Meeting

The Applied Biocatalysis Group has participated in the XII Carbohydrate Symposium / III Chemical Biology Meeting that was held  at the "Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas" (CIB-CSIC) in Madrid, from 14th-16th March 2016. This  joint meeting has enabled communication of research embracing the interface between chemistry and biology, with special focus on modern glycosciences, Our group presented two posters in this Symposium:

"Strategies for the enzymatic glycosylation of phenolic groups to improve the bioactivity of polyphenols".  Authors: Noa Míguez, Maria Gimeno-Perez, Mercedes Ramirez-Escudero, Juan Blazquez, J. Daniel Padilla, Laura Leemans, David Piedrabuena, Lucia Fernandez-Arrojo, Georgina Sandoval, Julia Sanz-Aparicio, Maria Fernandez-Lobato, Francisco J. Plou and Antonio O. Ballesteros.

"Feasibility of the production of carbohydrate fatty acid esters from Agave tequilana fructans by enzymatic acylation". Authors: Leticia Casas-Godoy, Javier Arrizon, Daniel Arrieta, Antonio O. Ballesteros, Francisco Plou and Georgina Sandoval.