1 Jul 2019

INNOVA Prize to José Luis Gonzalez-Alfonso

Our PhD student José Luis Gonzalez-Alfonso has been awarded with the INNOVA Prize auspiced by the Spanish Platform SUSCHEM (Sustainable Chemistry) to the best collaborative work between public and private institutions. This work was performed in collaboration with Professor Yoshihiko Hirose (Enzyme Techno, Japan). The ceremony took place in Madrid on June 26th 2019.
The awarded work was: ''Enzymatic synthesis of a novel pterostilbene α-glucoside by the combination of cyclodextrin glucanotransferase and amyloglucosidase''. J.L. González-Alfonso, D. Rodrigo-Frutos, E. Belmonte-Reche, P. Peñalver, A. Poveda, J. Jimenez-Barbero, A.O. Ballesteros, Y. Hirose, J. Polaina, J.C. Morales, M. Fernández-Lobato and F. J. Plou. Molecules 25;23(6) (2018). doi:10.3390/molecules23061271
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